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Song of the Week #1: Jasmine Power - Stories & Rhymes

So I turned 25 years old on Friday, which feels like a bit of a big deal. To mark the occasion, I thought I'd be completely self-indulgent with my first SOTW, and choose one of my personal favourites.

As with many of my recent finds, this song was blessedly flung at me via Spotify algorithms a few years ago, and has cemented itself into my all-time favourites. I love Jasmine Power's tone, and the warmth of the double bass hits me right in the feels - but it's her lyrics that really resonate with me.

They seem to echo feelings I've had about myself in recent years, about the kind of woman I've grown into as I've entered my mid-twenties. The line 'She is fierce accompanying herself. She slightly enjoys that she doesn't need nobody else' has been the feminist soundtrack to my own story: a 20-something-year-old-woman, discovering her own self-worth.

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