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Song of the Week #32: Fitz & The Tantrums - Santa Stole My Lady

It's Christmas Eve, I'm up north at my parents feeling all cosy and Christmassy, so I just couldn't resist choosing something festive this week! We hear the same tired ol' Christmas songs year on year, so I was pleasantly surprised this winter when my partner introduced me to a song that I'd never heard before. Released a decade ago by this little known (to me) neo-soul band from LA, this absolute jam zooms straight into my favourite Christmas songs of all time. I'm so sad that I've got so many Christmasses without it! P.S. Shame I couldn't find a better version to post above, this song is somewhat elusive online. P.P.S. I found it! But I actually really like that video and the sequinny dress so keeping that up!

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