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Song of the Week #54: Sam Wills - Traingazing ft. Honey Mooncie

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Sometimes you want to hear metaphor and wordplay in lyrics, and sometimes you just want someone to straight up tell you a story. The story of Traingazing is so wonderfully familiar that it played out in my mind as vividly as a music video. You can probably guess from the title what it's about, but it's the fairytale meet-cute I used to wish for myself for many years of tube travel in London.

Sam Wills is an amazingly talented singer with such a skillful and eloquent command over his voice it makes me green with envy (I've tried and failed at his vocal run challenges for years). Honey Mooncie's call backs are full of gorgeous depth - I was about to say 'beyond her years' but clearly nothing is beyond her at all.

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