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Song of the Week #63: George Moir - Big Boy Cruising

I'll admit there is probably some element of bias here as I work at his label, but this George Moir track is such a fun listen - I just had to feature it as one of my songs of the week this summer. From the dissonance of the keys, to the arcade-game harmony - not to mention the lyrics that read like the story of my life. Top it all off with a cheeky animated video made by Moir himself, tricycling through what appears to be Postman Pat's ends. It's happy, catchy and just bloody great. [N.B 24/09/20 - I didn't want to feature him twice in just a few months so thought I would append this to his previous SOTW. New track Lonely with Blossom Caldarone is his own very George Moir-y take on lockdown Zooming, packaged with another incredibly clever animated vid. Love it.]

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